Date: 2005
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The movie tells about an autistic young man, Cho-won, who finds release only in running. As a child, Cho-won would throw tantrums, bite himself, and would refuse to communicate with anyone. His mother never gave up on him and was determined to prove to the world that her child can be normal. As Cho-won gets older he begins to find a passion for running and his mother is right there to encourage him. He takes third place in a 10km running contest, which causes his mother to set another goal for her son: to run a full marathon under four hours. This is not an easy task, however, as Cho-won wants to win and doesn?t know how to pace himself. Therefore, his mother finds a former marathon runner, who must perform 200 hours of community service for a DUI, as Cho-won?s coach. The movie shows the emotional struggles of a Mother who is not sure if she is forcing her son to run or if it truly is his passion. The movie further explores and shows the deep love and genuine purity that shows through Cho-won. * Jo Seung-woo – Cho-won * Kim Mi-suk – Cho-won’s mother (Kyeong-sook) * Lee Gi-yeong – Jung-wook * Baek Seong-hyeon – Yun Jung-won * Ahn Nae-sang – Cho-won’s father

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