Madeleine, ???
Genre: Romance.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kang Ji-suk is an avid student of Korean and Korean Literature who regards his books as best friends and mostly stays either at home or in the library. One day he stumbles into his old class mate Lee Hee-jin whom he has not seen for ages. The charming Hee-jin has turned into young woman of captivating beauty and also already managed to make her life-time wish of becoming a hair stylist come true. After crossing roads one more time, Hee-jin has a startling idea suggesting that the two of them should try and find out what the life of a couple is like for the period of one month. As a result Ji-suk and Hee-jin enjoy a wonderfully sweet time looking just like two real lovers ? In-seong Jo – Ji-seok Min-a Shin – Hie-jin Eun-jeong Ham Rae-yeon Kang – Yoo-jung Ho-jin Kim Su-ro Kim – Mah-ho Jung-ah Park – Sung-hae

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