Lung Fung Restaurant

Lung Fung Restaurant, Long Feng cha lou, Lung Fung cha lau

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance.
Date: 1990
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An ex-convict tries to make good on his life with a menial–but honest–job at a restaurant, but when he falls in love with the beautiful hostess, his Triad past returns to haunt him. Charine Chan … June Lok Ka-Kei Ellen Chan … Gigi Stephen Chow … Rubbish Pool Tiet Wo Chu … Bull Henry Fong … Chan Siu Chung Mok … Dragon Ching Man Tat Ng … Kent Scott Shaw … Ah Ling (as Ming-Hu Shaw) Sin Hung Tam … Gigi’s mom Parkman Wong … Ricky

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