Love Undercover III,

Love Undercover III,
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 1
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old Fan Siu Wah is a typical Hong Kong youngster aiming to carve a better life for herself. After getting involved in a road accident with a squad of Hong Kong’s most inept cops, she decides to join the police force solely because the pay is attractive. Sergeant Chung, the leader of the squad, takes a special liking to Siu Wah and gives her special attention, grooming her to be the squad’s mascot and ‘model policewoman’. A problem surfaces when a handsome ‘plant’ in the form of Inspector Izu shows up and suggests that she joins the Tokyo police force. Now Chung and his men must find a way to persuade Siu Wah to stay on and cool off her attraction for Izu. * Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei * Takuya Suzuki * Hui Siu-Hung * Sammy Leung * Raymond Wong Ho-Yin * Lee Ka-Wing * Chow Ka-Sing * Matthew Chow Hoi-Kwong * Donald Tong Kim-Hong * Yuen King-Tan * Chow Chung * Lai Yiu-Cheung * Jun Nei * Sasha Hou Sa-Sa

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