Love On Sunday

Love On Sunday, ??????, Koisuru Nichiyoubi, Koi-suru Nichiyoubi, Koi suru Nichiyoubi
Genre: Romance.
Date: 2006
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A tale of love and friendship within twenty-four hours. Akira is about to leave her childhood town for the big city, her family’s new home. On her last day, she ends up having a sobetsukai (going-away party) with three friends: One – the easy-going Nao is a friend for whom Akira has long had more than friendly feelings. Two – the pretty Tamaki is a girl whom Nao is trying to romance — and the one Akira can’t stand. Three – the earnest senpai Gaku who likes Akira, but his ex-girlfriend Tamaki still carries a torch for him. This quartet ends up spending the night at an archery dojo where Akira comes up with a bet: if she wins, Gaku returns to Tamaki and if she loses, she becomes Gaku’s girlfriend. How will it all end? Takami Mizuhashi – Akira Ryuya Wakaba – Nao Yuria Haga – Tamaki Kazunori Sasaki – Gaku (Senpai)

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