Love On A Diet,

Love On A Diet,
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: As a young exchange student to Japan, Mini Mo (Cheng) falls in love with a budding pianist, Kurokawa (Rikiya Kurokawa). Kurokawa eventually leaves to study music in the United States, though they promise to meet again in ten years. However, Mini deals with her depression by eating and ends up gaining 300 lbs. With her drastic weight gain, Kurokawa no longer recognises her. Determined to fulfill their promise of ten years, Mini meets Fatso (Lau), an oversized truck driver who agrees to help her lose weight. However despite Mini’s determination and Fatso’s demanding regimen, Mini’s attempts to lose weight fall flat. But as they fall in love, Fatso becomes willing to do whatever it takes to reunite Mini with Kurokawa. Andy Lau ? Fatso Sammi Cheng ? Mini Mo Lam Suet ? Bun Man

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