Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2004
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This movie is straight-up humor dealing with some ridiculous situations. It is about a man (Manchul) who is played wonderfully by Jun Jinmo who was the mysterious helper in the comedy hit ‘Shes on Duty’ Manchul unfortunately falls in love with 2 women, and have to lie about various situations to keep them from finding out he is instead married to another women. The movie really turns exciting when Manchuls poor unemployed best friend finds out about his Mormon-esquire fantasy life. Not all, but some of the jokes can only be truly admired if you are native to the motherland, even if that is not the cause one would thoroughly enjoy their nearly two hours of enjoyment. Jin-mo Ju – Jeong Man-cheol Hyeong-jin Kong – No Sang-gu Seon-mi Song – Oh Jeong-ae Yeong-hie Seo – Yang Myeong-sun Hyeon-ju Son – Inspector Park Hyeon-shik Lim – Reporter Ju-bong Gi

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