Ley Lines

Ley Lines, Nihon kuroshakai, Japan Underworld

Genre: Crime, Thriller.
Date: 1999
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Three men hoping to find a better life in Tokyo find their dreams of happiness turning into a waking nightmare in the final installment of maverick Japanese Director Takashi Miike’s Black Society trilogy. When a scheming Chinese prostitute takes the men for all they’re worth and the harsh realities of racism and poverty render them unemployable, the trio attempts to carve a niche in the local drug trade as a means to make ends meet. Stricken with sympathy for the men she had previously betrayed, the prostitute attempts to help the men — but city life has taken its toll on them and the reluctant trio soon begins plotting a daring bank robbery that will provide them with the money necessary to escape Tokyo and start life anew in a better place. Sho Aikawa Samuel Pop Aning Yukie Itou Michisuke Kashiwaya Kazuki Kitamura

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