Legend Of The Dragon

Legend Of The Dragon, Long de chuan ren, Lung dik chuen yan

Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 1990
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A naive young kung fu student (Stephen Chow) leaves his rural home when his impoverished family risks losing their meager farm to find his fortune in Hong Kong. Under the dubious guidance of his uncle (Leung Kar Yan) cons him into using his natural skills as a billiards prodigy for financial gain. They up in a “”fight”” against pool sharks from across China in a prestigious tournament. A riotous, strongly self-reflexive send-up of Shaw Brothers-style chop-sockies. Chi Ling Chiu Stephen Chow … Chow Siu-Lung Hoi San Lee … Blindman Ka-Yan Leung … Yun Fong Lung … Loan Shark Teresa Mo … Mo Fui-On Shing … Hood with Glasses Jimmy White … Himself – World Billiards Champion Parkman Wong … Cameo appearance Fan Wei Yee … Hood Amy Yip … Cameo appearance Corey Yuen … Cop Wah Yuen … Master Chow Fei-Hung

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