Lawyer Lawyer

Lawyer Lawyer, Suan si cao

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1997
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Stephen Chow stars as Chan Mong-Gut, a famous Chinese lawyer was killed in the Qing dynasty. He must defend his apprentice, Foon, who has been framed for murder in Hong Kong. Being the third worst lawyer in China, he challenges the British legal system with no evidence on hand and manages to identify the killer in a hilarious way. Stephen Chow as Chan Mong-Gut Eric Kot as Foon Karen Mok Chingmy Yau Law Kar-Ying Cheung Tat-Ming Vincent Kok Tats Lau Chung King-Fai Paul Fonoroff Bowie Lam Spencer Lam Lee Siu-Kei Simon Lui Wyman Wong Bobby Yip

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