Last Drop Of Blood,

Last Drop Of Blood,
Genre: Crime.
Date: 2003
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Hailed by critics as the new wave of Japanese film noir! Last Drop of Blood is the new yakuza gangster movie by Yasushi Akimoto. A thrilling tale of Japanese gang wars with balletic gunfights. This is the kind of movie John Woo would be making if he were still working in Hong Kong. The Gun Index in the Special Features is particularly cool. It gives a detailed technical description of all the guns used in the movie. After seeing the description, one can directly view the scene in which that particular gun is used. After serving a jail sentence, a former leading yakuza (Takaaki Ishibashi) has gone straight. He has married and is now holding a regular job. However, he is continually harrassed by a police inspector who cannot forgive his past. Meanwhile a major gang war erupts. With his former gang in danger of being exterminated, will his loyalties draw him back in? Takaaki Ishibashi Reiko Takashima Naoki Hosaka

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