Kikujiro, Kikujir? no natsu

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1999
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: It’s summer and nine-year old Masao (Yusuke Sekiguchi) has no one to play with. With soccer practice suspended and his friends away at the beach, living alone with his grandmother seems even less fun. By chance, Masao discovers the address and photo of the mother he has never met. But with little money and even less sense of direction, he needs help. A friend of his grandmother volunteers her husband, Kikujiro (Beat Takeshi) to accompany the boy on his quest. Kikujiro hardly seems an ideal companion for anyone, let alone for a boy as sensitive as the sullen Masao. Brash, loudmouthed and always on the lookout for easy money, the irresponsible Kikujiro doesn’t even appear to be overly fond of children. The first stop for the unlikely pair is to the cycle races, where Kikujiro gambles away the boy’s travel money. In order to continue their journey, the two are forced to try to hitch rides, which they do with varying degrees of success. Along the way, they encounter a number of colorful characters, including a juggling women, a traveling writer, and two friendly bikers. Ultimately, the two of them end up at a destination that neither of them could have imagined. Takeshi Kitano – Kikujiro (as Beat Takeshi) Yusuke Sekiguchi – Masao Kayoko Kishimoto – Kikujiro’s Wife Yuuko Daike – Masao’s Mother Kazuko Yoshiyuki – Masao’s Grandmother Beat Kiyoshi – Man at Bus Stop Great Gidayu – Biker/Fatso Rakkyo Ide – Biker/Baldy Nezumi Mamura – Traveling Man Fumie Hosokawa – Juggler Girl Akaji Maro – Scary Man Daigaku Sekine – Yakuza Boss

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