Kansen, Infection

Genre: Horror.
Date: 2004
Parts: 2
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In a general hospital that’s near bankruptcy, the reduced staff is working under a severe stress. During the emergency attendance to a burned patient with Dr. Uozumi and two other nurses, Dr. Akiba and the nurse commit an error, injecting sodium chlorate and killing him. Dr. Uozumi convinces the team to forge the report to save their careers. Meanwhile, an ambulance leaves a patient in the emergency with a lethal infection. When the muscles and internal organs of the patient liquefy, Dr. Kiyoshi Akai convinces his two colleagues to examine and research the virus, leading the employees of the night shift to a tragic end. K?ichi Sat? – Dr. Akiba Masanobu Takashima – Dr. Uozumi Michiko Hada – Dr. Nakazono Mari Hoshino – Nurse Tae Kimura – Nurse Yôko Maki – Nurse Kaho Minami – Head nurse Moro Morooka – Dr. Kishida Shirô Sano – Kiyoshi Akai Isao Yatsu – Hospital Patient

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