Kailangan Kita,

Kailangan Kita,
Date: 2002
Parts: 5
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A love story of two people brought together by fate and circumstances. A celebrity chef who comes home from New York after to ask his girlfriend’s hand in marriage from her Bicol-based family. It turns out that during his homecoming, He finds his girlfriend stuck in a pictorial in Europe. He meets the girl’s family and, soon, slowly falls for his girlfriend’s sister who also happens to be an accomplished cook. The brief homecoming amidst the frenzy of the wedding preparations becomes the turning point of his life and his girlfriend’s sister. Aga Muhlach – Carl Diesta Claudine Barretto – Lena Duran Dante Rivero – Pinong Johnny Delgado – Papay Liza Lorena – Consuelo Duran/Mamay Cris Villanueva – Father Ruben Duran Cholo EscaƱo – Sonny Duran Gerald Madrid – Mario Jericho Rosales – Abel Farrah Florer – Sylvia Rissa Mananquil-Samson – Criselda ‘Chrissy’ Duran Jon Achaval – Sylvia’s Father Ces Quesada – Consuelo’s Friend

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