Kaidan 1964

Kaidan 1964, Ghost Stories, Kwaidan
Genre: Horror, Romance, Supernatural.
Date: 1964
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An anthology of ghost stories. Black Hair In ancient Kyoto, a samurai decides to leave his poor but beloved wife and become rich marrying a wealthy wife. He misses his loved wife, and years later, when he returns to her, he finds a surprise waiting for him. The Woman in the Snow And old and a young woodman are surprised by a snow storm, and the younger is saved by the spirit of a snow woman. He promises never telling what happened with him. Years later, he breaks his promise, telling the secret to his wife. Hoichi the Earless The blind Hoichi lives in a temple and magnificently plays his biwa and tells the sea battle of Dan-No-Ura between the clans of Genji and Heike. One night he is invited to perform his skills to a rich family and their guests in their house. In a Cup of Tea A samurai drinks water in a cup of tea, and he sees the soul of a former samurai. Later, he is haunted by the spirit. Rentaro Mikuni – Husband (Black Hair) Michiyo Aratama – First wife (Black Hair) Misako Watanabe – Second Wife (Black Hair) Tatsuya Nakadai – Mi nokichi (The Woman in the Snow) Keiko Kishi – Yuki the Snow Maiden (The Woman in the Snow) Katsuo Nakamura – Hoichi (Hoichi the Earless) Tetsuro Tamba – Warrior (Hoichi the Earless) Kanemon Nakamura – Kannai, a Guard (In a Cup of Tea) Osamu Takizawa – Author / Narrator (In a Cup of Tea)

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