Genre: Romance.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The backstory to this socially frowned-upon pairing: many moons ago, Shing loved and left Yan’s mom (J.J. Jia), who gave birth to and raised Yan without Shing’s knowledge. Yan’s mom also recently passed away, leaving Yan without guidance or enough money to placate the obnoxious landlord (Jim Chim in another Edmond Pang-appointed cameo). Shing isn’t too keen on having Yan hang around him at first, but eventually he gives in, helping her look for Isabella, as well as simply spending time with her. So begins an odd, and even touching father-daughter romance, punctuated less by actual events than by mood, minor shifts in emotion, and a glorious, romanticized look at Macau. Basically, we watch as Yan becomes a part of Shing’s life, first as an annoyance, then as an accepted relative, and finally as a cherished daughter. There are some actual events and even surprises along the way, but most of Isabella can be summed up in mood. Chapman To – Shing Isabella Leong – Yan Josie Ho – Woman at herbal tea shop Kwok Cheung Tsang – Fai

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