Illusory Light

Illusory Light, Maboroshi no hikari, Maborosi, Illusion

Date: 1995
Parts: 2
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Yumiko and Ikuo lead a seemingly happy life, having recently become parents all is going well for the pair, but soon a tragedy strikes through this relationship. After promising he wouldn’t leave like Yumiko’s grandmother did all those years ago, Ikuo walks away, inexplicably committing suicide. Yumiko is left crushed, eventually marrying Tamio and moving away to a tranquil coastal village, hoping to find peace within herself again. Makiko Esumi – Yumiko Tadanobu Asano – Ikuo Akira Emoto – Yoshihiro Hidekazu Akai- Master Shuichi Harada – Cop

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