Hold Up Down

Hold Up Down, H?rudo Appu Daun
Genre: Comedy, Crime.
Date: 2005
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Dressed head to toe in Santa Claus outfits, this not-so-dynamic duo decide to hide their cash “”earnings”” in a train station locker, only to discover that neither of them has the correct change to operate the locker itself. Along the way, the two thieves decide to steal from a nearby street musician named Sawamura Koichi, but to their complete surprise, he chases after them. Even worse, Hoshino Yusuke and Kiba Masami, two gung-ho police officers, decide to join in on the chase, along with Hiramatsu Masaru, a concerned citizen who becomes an interested party himself. Considering all this manic excitement, just how will it all end for these two Christmas-themed robbers? Arata Furuta – Maeda Go Morita – Masaru Hiramatsu Hiroshi Nagano – Yusuke Hoshino Junichi Okada – Koichi Sawamura Masayuki Sakamoto – Masami Kiba Yoshihiko Inohara – Choji Kimata Ayumi Ito – Kyoko Miyazaki Yu Kashii – Rinko Akai Ken Miyake – Yutaka Sagawa

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