Hello Brother,

Hello Brother,
Date: 2005
Parts: 1
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A beautiful movie that show the childrens perspective on a disease as cancer or tumors. Han-yi (Park Ji-bin) and Han-byul (Seo Dae-han) are both brothers. Han-yi who is the youngest (9 years old) and also the most annoying brother does not treat his older brother (12 years old) properly and plays pranks on him. But one day, Han-byul is diagnosed with a brain tumor, undergoes brain surgery, and is hospitalized in the pediatric ward. While their mother (Bae Jong-ok) is busy taking care of Han-byul, and their father tells Han-byul to write down everything bad that Han-yi does in a red pocketbook, Han-yi is noticing he doesn’t get as much as attention as he wants from them. When Han-byul also meets another kid Wook-yi (Choi Woo-hyeok) in the ward who is also diagnosed with the same illness, Han-yi feels that he is not getting enough attention anymore as he used to, thus starts to worry.. A very emotional movie, from the perspective of a little kid that goes trough different emotions because his brother is in the hospital and he doesn’t get enough attention anymore from everyone. The story and the cinematography are just brilliant. Even if there is a little fantasy in it, I still think it’s very nicely edited into the movie, and doesn’t bother at all.

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