Heirloom, Zhaibian, Zhaibian: The Heirloom
Genre: Supernatural.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”There’s definitely something wrong with this house.”” Twenty years ago an inexplicable mass suicide occurred in the millionaire Yang household where the entire clan were hanged at the exact same hour, place, and height. Only one member survived. To this day, the case remains unsolved. Twenty years later, distant relative James inherits the Yang mansion and moves in with his dancer girlfriend Yo who’s aspiring to study in the U.S. To celebrate their engagement and new home, they invite their friends Yi-Chen and Ah-Tseng to stay the night. As supernatural events begin to take place, James and Yo discover the eccentricities of the house including a mysterious fourth floor. Delving deep into the Yang family history, James and Yo discover that the Yang fortune was built with the aid of “”child ghosts””. And that there’s a price to pay. Terri Kwan – Yo Jason Chang – James Yu-chen Chang – Yi-Chen Tender Huang – Ah-Tseng

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