Happy Ghost I

Happy Ghost I, Kai xin gui

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1984
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Three high school students, Bonnie, Juliet, and Venus, in their last year in school together, go on their last picnic before examinations. Taking shelter from a sudden storm in an abandoned temple, Bonnie finds a piece of rope and takes it home. With this rope she brings home a spirit of the Ching Dynasty, Scholar Pik, whose archai ways of thinking obviously clashed with the values held by a twentieth century teenager. Yet, they began to make friends with each other, and Scholar Pik even h elped Bonnie to win the first place in the annual school sports day. Bonnie introduces Scholar Pik to Juliet and Venus. The three girls adore Scholar Pik’s talent and magic. They began to depend on his help in everything. Bak-Ming Wong … Stewart Pik, the Happy Ghost Bonnie Law … Bonnie Lam Loletta Lee … Juliet San-san Lee … Venus Teresa Carpio … Sister Lee Clifton Ko … Judge San San Lee … Venus

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