Happy End

Happy End, Haepi-endeu
Date: 1999
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”What are we going to do?”” Married man Min-ki Seo has been unemployed for 3 months after working for a bank last 6 years. Although he cannot be totally free from fears with his unemployment, he can enjoy like this peaceful daytime thanks to his wife, Bora Choi, a successful career woman. He, instead of his busy wife, takes care his baby daughter, reads a novel at a park sometimes and cooks depending on cook books at home. Meanwhile, his wife has a secret love affair with her ex-boyfriend in her college, Il-beom Kim. Of course her husband and daughter are very important to her, but the relationship with Il-beom is also cherished because of his constant love and, their relationship also reminds her of her past. One day Min-ki becomes aware of her affair and spends his time building frustration and hatred while concealing his knowledge of her affair. Bora eventually becomes tired of Il-bum’s attachment and tries to leave him, but Il-beom’s not prepared to let her go. Now their different desires cause tensions within their relationships. They all dream different kinds of happy ending, but their endings come the way none expects. Min-sik Choi – Min-ki Seo Do-yeon Jeon – Bora Choi Jin-mo Ju – Il-beom Mi-seon Hwang – Mi-yong Hyeon Ju – Bookstore owner

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