Happiness, Hengbok

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2007
Parts: 3
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: After hitting rock bottom, night club manager Young-Su prepares to make an exit. He tells his friends and family that he’s traveling abroad and won’t be back for a couple of years. Where Young-Su actually goes is a small rural town, to check himself into “”Hotel Hope”” a sanitarium for alternative medicine. After years of heavy drinking Young-su now suffers from cirrhosis of the liver. At the sanitarium he meets a bashful girl named Eun-Hee. Like Young-Su she also suffers from a debilitating disease (weakness of the lungs), but unlike Young-Su, she thinks of “”Hotel Hope”” as home. She doesn’t have family and has stayed at the sanitarium for over 8 years. Eventually the charming Young-Su sweeps Eun-Hee off her feet and they become a couple. At Eun-Hee’s insistence, they decide to leave the sanitarium and live together as a couple. Eun-Hee tells Young-Su that if he’s not happy he can leave. Initially the couple live like newlyweds but problems arise when Young-Su’s friends arrive for a surprise visit. One of his friends happens to be his ex-girlfriend and she still has strong feelings for him. Before they leave, they ask Young-Su when will he return to Seoul. After some time, Young-Su gets increasingly frustrated with small town life and is tempted to return to the fast life of Seoul. Where exactly can happiness be found? Jeong-min Hwang … Young-su Su-jeong Lim … Eun-hee

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