Hana And Alice

Hana And Alice, ?????, Hana to Arisu
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Best friends and boyfriends: which one will you choose?”” At 15, your best friend is everything to you. Until you start growing up… Hana and Alice are inseparable friends until Miyamoto, a cute boy they spot at a train station, comes between them. Tricking Miyamoto into believing that he is suffering from amnesia, Hana claims that she is his girlfriend. A baffled Miyamoto struggles to regain his memories as he is drawn to the prettier Alice. When the bond deepens, the girls’ lifelong relationship begins to fray… propelling them apart. Anne Suzuki – Hana Yû Aoi – Setsuko “”Alice”” Arisugawa Tomohiro Kaku – Masashi Miyamoto Shôko Aide – Alice’s Mother Hiroshi Abe – Alice’s Mother’s Companion Sei Hiraizumi – Alice’s Father Tae Kimura – Ballet Teacher Takao Osawa – Photographer Ryoko Hirosue – Editor

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