Genre: Mystery, Thriller.
Date: 2002
Parts: 1
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A serial killer named Shin-Hyun gives himself up to police. He confesses to committing a series of particularly horrifying murders of exclusively female victims. He is imprisoned, awaiting the death sentence for his crimes. Yet the killings do not stop. They continue with all the same characteristics trademarks of the Shin-Hyun serial killings. The case is re-opened when two more bodies are discovered. Detective Mi Yun and her newly appointed partner, Detective Kang are assigned to the case. Detective Kang follows a new suspect, Huh, and eventually catches him in the act of brutally murdering a woman in a crowded techno bar and takes him into custody. Once again, the case seems to be solved, yet the murders continue in copy-cat style. The police desperately hunt for new leads. In unravelling this mystery, everyone involved is pushed to the limits of human understanding.. Jung-ah Yum as Detective Kim Mi Yun Jin-hee Ji as Detective Kang Tae Hyun Ji-ru Sung as Detective Park Seung-woo Cho as Shin Hyun Woong-ki Min as Choi Young Jin Yong Soo Park as Chief Jang

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