Green Fish

Green Fish, ?? ???, Chorok Mulgogi, Ch’orok Mulgogi

Date: 1997
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Han Suk-kyu plays a man who isn’t explicitly named but is called Makdong, ‘youngest sibling’, throughout the movie. At the start of the film he meets a woman, Mi-ae, on the train while returning to his parents’ home after completing his mandatory military service. He later seeks her out, only to discover that she’s the lover of a local mob boss, Bae Tae-kon. Jobless and naive to a fault, Makdong ends up taking menial tasks from Bae and enters the world of organized crime. Han Suk-kyu – Makdong Moon Sung-keun – Bae Tae-kon Shim Hye-jin – Mi-ae Han Seong-kyu – Makdong’s 2nd eldest brother Jeong Jin-yeong – Makdong’s 3rd eldest brother Jeong Jae-yeong Oh Ji-hye – Makdong’s sister Song Kang-ho – Pan-su

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