Greatest Expectations

Greatest Expectations, ??? ??, Widaehan Yusan
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Two young slackers struggle through their daily lives. Chang-Sik, even though he graduated from a prestigious university as a psychology major, is unemployed and drifts through life with apathy. He still lives with his brother and sister-in-law and is constantly berated by his sister-in-law for being a deadbeat. Chang-Sik spends his days losing money at the horse tracks or takes his nephew for lunch at the local grocery store (for the free samples). Mi-Yeong, unlike her successful sister, idles her time away at the counter of her mother’s video rental shop. She is always told by her mother, that she is adopted. One evening these slackers meet near their neighborhood by chance and witness a fatal hit and run accident. Soon afterwards their fortunes seem to finally change when they see a sign offering a reward ($50,000) for anyone that witnessed the hit and run accident. Of course with their luck, things are not quite what they appear and they soon learn that the hit and run was not an accident, but a hit planned by a criminal ring that also is behind the $50,000 reward. Chang Jung Lim – Chang-shik Seon-a Kim – Mi-yeong Yi Shin – Seong-hie Su-mi Kim – Mi-yeong’s mother Hyeong-jin Kong – Yong-shik

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