God Of Gamblers II,

God Of Gamblers II,
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1991
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: God of Gamblers II (1991) is a combination sequel to both ‘All For the Winner’ and ‘God of Gamblers’. Andy Lau reprises his role as Little Knife and Stephen Chow plays the Saint of Gamblers and Ng Man Tat returns as Blackie Tat. The Saint of Gamblers is still searching for the God of Gamblers and wants to follow him in his foot steps. G.O.G. is in permanent retirement and Little Knife has been appointed his temporary heir. The God of Guns is there to keep him safe from a new foe The King of Gamblers along with his disciple the Devil of Gamblers. Can Little Knife defend the God of Gamblers honour by himself or will he need the help of the Saint of Gamblers? Stephen Chow – Chow Sing Cho/’The Saint of Gamblers’ Andy Lau – Michael ‘Dagger/Little Knife’ :: Chan/’The Knight of Gamblers’ Man Tat Ng – Uncle ‘Blackie’ Tat Monica Chan – Kau Loong/Kowloon Lap-Man Sin – Hussein Man Cheung – Dream Lo Charles Heung – Ng Loong/’God of Guns’ Fui-On Shing – Kau Ronald Wong – Crawl Hon Lam Baau – Chan Kam-Sing John Ching – Tai-Kun/’The Devil of Gamblers’

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