God Of Gamblers I: All For The Winner

God Of Gamblers I: All For The Winner, Dou hap, Du xia, God of Gamblers II, Knight of Gamblers
Genre: Comedy.
Date: 1991
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Sing, a dumb, lovable mainlander with supernatural powers, comes to China to visit his uncle Tat. When it’s revealed that Sing can see through objects, Tat employs him as “”The Saint of Gamblers”” and proceeds to set him loose in the gambling world. Stephen Chow – Sing Chi Ng Man – Uncle Tat Sharla Cheung – Man Paul Chun – Pui Vincent Wan – Yeung Ming Corey Yuen – Kwai Sandra Ng – Kwan Yue Sheila Chan – Suk Lan Jeff Lau – Chun Wai

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