For Eternal Hearts

For Eternal Hearts, Byeolbich Sokeuro
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, SciFi.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Could you follow your love into death? Su-yeong is a quiet, middle-aged professor of German literature at a local university. At the request of his students, he reminiscently recounts his first love that stole his heart during his college days. Set in the 1980s, Su-yeong as a young man was shy, naive and studious, but his life is forever changed when he meets the wild and eccentric “”Pippi””. He is crushed, however, when Pippi commits suicide in the name of love. But Pippi magically reappears before him and life starts to take a bizarre turn. It is believed here that when a person dies, the soul wanders around for 49 days before making the final passage to the other world. If it fails to accept death, however, the soul becomes forever lost, an invisible ghost. Meanwhile, Su-yeong begins tutoring a high school girl named Su-ji at her eerie mansion. Though he is increasingly drawn to Su-ji’s soulful eyes and idiosyncratic charms, Su-yeong is also very frightened — until he learns a great secret that will allow him to face the haunting force of love. Jeong Jin-yeong – Su-yeong Jeong Kyeong-ho – Su-yeong (younger) Kim Min-seon – Pippi JCha Soo-yeon – Su-ji

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