Five Element Ninja

Five Element Ninja, Ren zhe wu di, Yan je mo dik, The Superninjas, Superninjas, Super Ninjas, Chinese Superninjas, Five Element Ninjas

Genre: Action, Martial Arts.
Date: 1982
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When his school is destroyed and his colleagues all slaughtered by supreme ninja Cheng Yun and his five element ninjas, Tsiau Chin Hau sets out to take his revenge. But stopping the elemental ninjas (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth) is an awesome task. So, Chin studies the secrets of the ninja under the guidance of teacher Yan Yong Fe. Thus armed, Chin and his newfound cohorts Li Yin Win, Chan Sin, and Wan Fong challenge the element ninjas in a climactic battle to the death. Tien-chi Cheng – Shao Tien-hao Tien Hsiang Lung – Brother Li Meng Lo – Shi Shang Wai-Man Chan – Chin Tien Chun Chen Hei Psi – Mr Kang Wang Lieh – Lien Mu Ke Chu – Kwon Hon

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