Final Justice

Final Justice, Pik lik sin fung, Pi li xian feng, Thunderbolt Vanguard

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime.
Date: 1988
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A streetwise petty thief forms an uneasy friendship with a tough cop who wants to save him from the Triad lifestyle before it’s too late. Chow, best known to American audiences as a comic leading man, won a Hong Kong Best Supporting Actor award for his dramatic performance. Danny Lee … Cheung Stephen Chow … Ah Wai (as Stephen Chiau) James Ha … Fleeing Suspect (as James Ha Chim Si) Ka-Kui Ho … Chicken (as William Ho) Victor Hon Yee Tin Hung Chi Chung Lam Ken Lo … Kong Fui-On Shing … Judge (as Shing Fui-On) Kirk Wong Kwong Leung Wong … Bull (as Wong Kwong Leung) Parkman Wong Fan Wei Yee … Chief Inspector Lo

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