Fatal Contact,

Fatal Contact,
Genre: Action, Martial Arts.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Jason Wu Jing excels in his role as the martial arts champion Kong who participates in underground boxing under his friend Siu Tin’s (Miki Yeung) encouragement. There he meets Captain (Ronald Cheng), an apparently good-for-nothing gangster who has actually concealed his real capabilities. While Kong repeatedly wins the matches in these illegal tournaments, a triad leader who runs another boxing circuit gets annoyed and finds a martial arts master to beat Kong. A life-and-death boxing game is about to begin… * Jason Wu Jing (??) * Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei (???) * Miki Yeung Oi-Gan * Theresa Fu Wing (??) * Eddie Cheung Siu-Fei (???) * Lam Suet (??) * Kenneth Low

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