Family Ties

Family Ties, ??? ??, Gajokeui tansaeng, The Birth of a Family

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: AKA The film tells three seemingly unconnected stories in a trilogy of distinct segments. Story 1 A woman who has to deal with her long-lost brother’s surprise visit. After having been missing for several years, the brother appears and moves in, with his new wife in tow – a much older woman, Mu Shin. Story 2 A short-tempered young woman discovers her estranged mother is terminally ill. Story 3 A close look at the relationship problems faced by a young couple. Tae-gyu Bong – Kyung-suk Tae-woong Eom – Hyung-chul Heung-chae Jeong Yu-mi Jeong Hie-bong Jo Jin-mo Ju Dong-yeong Kim Hye-ok Kim – Sun-kyung’s mother Du-shim Ko – Mu-shin Hyo-jin Kong – Sun-kyung So-ri Moon – Mira Seung-beom Ryu – Sun-kyung’s ex-boyfriend

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