Exiled, Fong Juk

Genre: Action, Crime.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In 1998 Macau, a woman nursing her baby finds four men standing outside her apartment seeking for a man she claims isn’t there. The first two are hitmen sent on a mission to kill a man name Wo under Boss Fay’s command. The other two are determined to stop that from happening. These five men use to all be hitmen under Boss Fay but when Wo tried to quite the business and run off to live a normal life with his wife and kid, Boss Fay lays orders on Blaze to go and kill his former partner. The bond of brothers and the loyalty to the boss tosses these five men into a difficult situation. Finally, Wo ask his buddies for once last hit to obtain a large sum for his family which sets them on their last job as a team. Star studded cast, action, brotherhood, loyalty, love….a beautiful film done by professionals. Anthony Wong Chau Sang – Blaze Francis Ng – Tai Nick Cheung – Wo Roy Cheung – Cat “”Mow”” Lam Suet – Fat Josie Ho – Jin, Wo’s wife Simon Yam – Boss Fay Richie Ren – Sergeant Chen Ellen Chan – Hooker Cheung Siu-Fai – Jeff Hui Shiu Hung – Sergeant Shan Lam Ka Tung – Boss Keung Tam Ping-Man – Uncle Fortune Wong Chi Wai – Darkie

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