Errant Love

Errant Love, Ju san liang yi yi

Genre: Romance.
Date: 1980
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kao Han (Kenny Bee) and Pan Yun (Xiu-ling Lu) meet for the first time as strangers in a pet shop. It is destiny that they meet a second time and Kao Han takes a chance in this second meeting to pursue Pan Yun. Pan Yun is reluctant to get involved with Kao Han because she still thinks about and love her late-husband and also her late-husband’s niece, Ko Hiu (Lan-xi), is in love with Kao Han. Reluctantly and unwillingly Pan Yun falls for Kao Han but their love is not so easily obtained. Lan-xi – Ko Hiu Xiu-ling Lu – Pan Yun Kenny Bee – Kao Han

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