Enter The Phoenix

Enter The Phoenix, Daai liu oi mei lai

Genre: Comedy, Crime.
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When gang master Hung died, his two followers Cheung and Chapman To were sent to Thailand to look for his son, Georgie Hung, to succeed him. Loving his life too much Georgie is uninterested to continue his father’s work. But his close friend Sam, adored the life of a gangster and took his position instead. Sam and Georgie thus returned to Hong Kong with their identities swapped. Upon returning, they discovered that Hung had accidentally killed Cheng Chow’s father and now Cheng Chow, a leading gangster of a friendly gang, led by Chan Wai-Man, is looking to avenge for his father’s death. Eason Chan – Sam Daniel Wu – Georgie Hung Karen Mok – Julie Chapman To – Kin Kar-Ying Law – Father Eight Stephen Fung – Cheng Chow Biao Yuen – Georgie Hung’s father Jackie Chan – Julie’s client (cameo) Brian Lee – David Hayama Go – Chow’s Henchman Nicholas Tse – Cock Head Sam Lee – Gay Man

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