Election II

Election II, Hak Se Wui Yi wo Wai Kwai, Black Society 2: Triads Value Peace Most, Triad Election

Genre: Crime, Thriller.
Date: 2006
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The post-1997 world of Chinese rule means that even the long-established Wo Shing Triad Society must change its ways and think north. But after the brotherhood was fractured by the ruthless grip of Chairman Lok, it was up to the younger generation to lead the way. Jimmy is the perfect candidate: smart and entrepreneurial. Even the Chinese authorities are interested in what Jimmy has to offer. Only problem is, Chairman Lok isn’t one who gives up power easily. Louis Koo – Jimmy Lee Simon Yam – Lam Lok Nick Cheung – Jet Ka Tung Lam – Kun Suet Lam – Big Head Siu-Fai Cheung Mr. So Tian-lin Wang – ‘Uncle’ Teng Wai Mark Cheng – Bo Ping-Man Tam – Uncle Cocky Yue-Tong Pan – Janice Andy On – Lik Yong You – Black Ren / Chinese Security Bureau Chief – Yao Yung Mo-Hau Cheung – Mr. Shu Bun Yuen – Yuen Bun Shing Lun Mok – Mok Shing Lun

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