Dumplings, ??, Gaau ji

Genre: Horror.
Date: 2004
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A former soap opera actress decides to eat a Mainland woman’s special dumplings in her quest to obtain eternal youth. Trashy Mainland immigrant Aunt Mei is a former singer-turned-doctor-turned- abortionist whose patented dumplings provide a lifeline for Qing, a retired actress whose marriage to businessman Li has sexually stalled. What’s now clear is that Li himself, who eats eggs containing something unusual, is equally obsessed with maintaining his sexual allure. This leads him to also seek out Mei’s services, with surprising results. Ling Bai – Aunt Mei, the cook Pauline Lau – Masseuse Tony Leung Ka Fai – Mr. Lee Meme Tian – Connie Miriam Yeung Chin Wah – Mrs. Lee Miki Yeung – Kate

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