Dragon Head

Dragon Head, Doragon heddo

Genre: SciFi.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story is an intense mystery about Teru Aoki (Tsumabuki) who is returning home on the bullet train from a class trip with his teacher and classmates. While the train is passing through a tunnel, the train runs off the tracks and crashes. Everyone aboard the train except Teru seems to have died in the accident. However, while Teru stumbles around through the darkness and the rubble, one of his female classmates, Ako Seto (SAYAKA) grabs his ankle. Apparently she is one of the rare survivors of the crash. When they finally escape the dark and deadly tunnel, they discover a world of mass destruction. Unaware of what happened or the cause of the destruction, they must struggle to survive in an unforgiving enviroment, which resembles an apocalyptic Tokyo. Satoshi Tsumabuki – Teru Aoki Sayaka – Ako Seto Takayuki Yamada – Nobuo Takahashi Naohito Fujiki Yoshimasa Kondo – Iwata Kyusaku Shimada – Minila Minori Terada – Andou

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