Date: 2000
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Reminiscent of the film FREQUENCY, DITTO follows high-school students So-eun (Kim Ha-neul) and In (Yoo Ji-tae) as they realize that they can never be together. So-eun, living in 1979 South Korea, begins making transmissions on a ham radio and contacts In, who unbeknownst to her lives in the year 2000. The two find that they attend the same high school, and still not aware of the time warp, strike up friendship and a romance. In addition to the timeless love story, this film is significant in its exploration of cultural identity and politics. * Kim Ha-neul (???) * Yoo Ji-tae (? ??) * Ha Ji-won (???) * Park Yong-woo (???) * Kim Do-yoon (???)

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