Detective Story

Detective Story, Tantei Monogatari, Story of the Detective
Date: 1983
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Naomi is a university student who is leaving for the US to study in a week; Shuichi is a washed-up gumshoe who’s hired by Naomi’s father to bodygard his daughter until she leaves. Shuichi finds the job annoying and wants to quit. But he also has a screwed-up ex and alimony to pay. Things go from bad to worse when Naomi and Shuichi stumble upon a murder which might involve the yakuza. They decide to find out who committed the murder but God knows what it will lead to… Hiroko Yakushimaru … Naomi Arai Yusaku Matsuda … Shuichi Tsujiyama Risa Akikawa … Yukiko Naoki Chu Arai … Akira Akagawa Susumu Fujita … Gozo Kunizaki

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