Dangerous Flowers

Dangerous Flowers, ????, Chai Lai
Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Five undercover agents, each with her own specialty, must combat international terrorists who have come to Thailand. They must use every resources available and known to them as this mission will be one that is unlike any they have known. Supakson Chaimongkol – Bua (Lotus) Kessarin Ektawatkul – Poy-sean (Crown of Thorns) Bongkoj Khongmalai – Kulap (Rose) Bunyawan Pongsuwan – Na-wua Jintara Poonlarp – Chaba (Hibiscus) Krit Sripoomseth – Chen Petchtai Wongkamlao – the Chai Lais’ handler

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