Genre: SciFi, Comedy, Supernatural.
Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Cicak-Man (pronounced chee-chuck-man) is the first Malaysian comedy-superhero movie and features almost 40% CGI footage. It starred comedian Saiful Apek and was directed by KRU member Yusry. The name “”Cicak-Man”” literally translates to “”Gecko-Man””. Set in the make-believe city of Metrofulus, “”Cicak-Man”” is about the last person on earth anyone would expect to turn into a superhero. But funnyman Saiful Apek, does, quite by accident and becomes a shock to his friend, who also tries his best to adjust to his superpowers. When he’s not climbing walls, Cicakman reverts to his alter ego, the unassuming Hairi. Hairi (Saiful Apek), is a loser who lives in Metrofulus. While working in the lab, he accidentally drinks coffee that has been contaminated by a virus-infected gecko. He soon finds himself doing the most insane things, such as sticking to walls, making chirping cicak noises and adding bugs to his menu. He turns to his best friend and apartment mate, Danny (Yusry Abdul Halim), and begs him to find the reason behind his strange antics. Meanwhile, the people of Metrofulus are constantly being infected by new strains of viruses, and the only cure seems to come only from Professor Klon’s (Aznil Nawawi) lab. Suspecting something amiss, Hairi and Danny launch their own investigation and discover that Prof Klon is not only the creator of such viruses, but also has a more sinister plan up his sleeve, backed by his business partners, the Ginger Boys (played by Adlin Aman Ramlie and AC Mizal). Hairi soon makes use of his new-found powers as “”Cicakman”” when he saves Tania (Fasha Sandha), Prof Klon’s secretary from a threatening situation, and also ends up falling for her. However, he finds that his powers are more of a threat to his life, than a gift, and embarks on a mission to bring down Prof Klon and the Ginger Boys before his time runs out.

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