Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma, ????????!, Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma!?, Super Ninja Team Inazuma!

Date: 2006
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Jun Terada is a producer in the year 2076 and is trying to convince the president of Magical TV to allow her to create her life’s work, Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma!, based on the long standing legend of a legendary lightning that bestows powers upon those struck by it. However, because the show is to be the 100th anniversary of the Hyper Hero Team Series”” (???????????, Haipa Yusha Tai Shirizu?), it must be a first for the 100 year long franchise. President Mishima convinces her to turn it into a reality show by traveling back to 1720 in the Edo period and picking three extremely inept locals and force them through humiliating training to become ninjas. When Jun and her writing partner Kuratanomiya arrive in the past, they find Hosomatsu, Kankichi, and Kaguya, three extremely cowardly, inept, and clumsy individuals, to be the stars of their show. Jun, as a Kami, begins to train the three, fooling them with futuristic technology. Unbeknownst to Jun and Kuratanomiya, there are actually monsters killing various people throughout O-Edo, while she trains her Inazuma team. When Kuratanomiya encounters the villains on a night on the town, Jun must reveal the truth to her stars that they are without power, but it is also revealed that the legendary lightning exists. Jun discovers that the lightning is from glitches in the time teleport system, and sends Kuratanomiya back to the future so she can become an antenna for the legendary lightning and empower the Inazuma team before they are killed by the three monsters. * Hosomatsu/Raiden: Atsushi Hashimoto (formerly Kai/MagiRed of Magiranger) * Kankichi/Senden: Hiroya Matsumoto (formerly Tsubasa/MagiYellow of Magiranger) * Kaguya/Shiden: Asami Kai (formerly Urara/MagiBlue of Magiranger) * Terunosuke/Dokuyamo: Yousuke Ichikawa (formerly Hikaru/MagiShine of Magiranger) * Ito/Jorogumo: Meibi Yamanouchi (formerly Rin/Lunagel of Magiranger) * Tojiro/Toroki: Yuki Ito (formerly Makito/MagiGreen of Magiranger) * Jun Terada: Mika Kikuchi (formerly Umeko/DekaPink of Dekaranger) * Kuratanomiya: Ryuji Sainei (formerly Ban/DekaRed of Dekaranger) * Woman Space Sheriff Beppy – Ayumi Beppu (formerly Houka/MagiPink of Magiranger)

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