Changing Partners

Changing Partners, Love Now, Are You Living with the Person you Love Now?

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: One couple marries out of love, then falls out of love. Another couple marries without love, then fails to find love. Enter seduction. Love Now (a.k.a. Changing Partners), directed by Jung Yoon Soo (My Girl and I), revolves around the infidelities of two married couples who inadvertently engage in couple swapping. The film features the all-star casting of Uhm Jung Hwa (Seducing Mr. Perfect), Park Yong Woo (World Of Silence), Han Chae Young (Wild Card), and Lee Dong Gun (My Boyfriend Is Type B). Yoo Na (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a sexy fashion consultant who demands perfection in her work and marriage. Her husband of three years, Min Jae (Park Yong Woo), is a sensitive hotel manager with a gentle charisma. They share a connection more as friends than as a couple. So Yeo (Han Chae Young) is a sophisticated lighting designer who feels dissatisfied with her passionless marriage to workaholic Young Joon (Lee Dong Gun). Their marriage is nothing more than a legal contract. Their relationships take an unexpected turn when Young Joon meets Yoo Na during a fashion consultation, and Min Jae and So Yeo run in to each other in Hong Kong. All four become both victims and offenders in this deceptive game of love and seduction. Will they ever find out the truth about each other? Uhm Jung-hwa Park Yong-woo Lee Dong-geon Han Chae-young Choi Jae-won Oh Ji-yeong Choi Yong-min Lee Young-sook Choi Yoon-jeong

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