Can’t Live Without Robbery,

Can’t Live Without Robbery,
Date: 2002
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Designer Choi Kang-jo has a bad passion for stealing. He frequently goes to residential areas testing his robbery skills in out-witting alarm systems. Whenever he finishes his task, he only steals things of little worth because his sole purpose is to satisfy the joy of his unusual hobby. On his next stealing spree, Kang-jo visits the family of Ko Sang-tae. Sang-tae and his beautiful wife Mari seem to lead a perfect life, but the latter has lost her taste sense, which causes the cuisine that she creates to become unacceptable to everybody. Kan-jo once again only steals very trivial things a remote control and food prepared by Mari, but little does he know that this is enough to stir up the anger of Sang-tae who pledges to take revenge. So Ji Sub as Choi Kang Jo Park Sang Myun as Ko Sang Tae Song Seon-mi as Mari

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