Bright Future

Bright Future, ???????, Akarui Mirai

Genre: Philosophy.
Date: 2003
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Mamoru and Yuji are a pair of dysfunctional friends stuck with dead-end jobs in a dreary factory. Mamoru, the more antisocial of the two, is obsessed with his experiment of adapting a poisonous jellyfish to fresh water by gradually changing the water in its tank. One night Mamoru, with no reason, murders his boss’ family and is sentenced to death. Yuji is left to continue his friend’s experiment while bonding with Mamoru’s estranged father. Problems arise when Yuji accidentally releases the poisonous jellyfish into the canals of Tokyo. Cast J? Odagiri – Y?ji Nimura Tadanobu Asano – Mamoru Arita Tatsuya Fuji – Shin’ichir? Arita Takashi Sasano – Mr. Fujiwara Marumi Shiraishi – Mrs. Fujiwara

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