Black House

Black House, ???, Geom-eun Gip, The Black House, Psychopath

Genre: Suspense, Thriller.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Jeon Jun-oh, formerly a bank employee, gets a call on his first day at work from a woman seeking advice. She asks if insurance is paid out on suicides, and only after hanging up does he see the warning on the insurance agreement. A few days later Jun-oh receives a request for a meeting with an unknown policy holder. From the living room of a decrepit house Jun-oh opens the door to the bedroom to see a child hanging from the ceiling. Police start an investigation, but the autopsy and all the evidence points to suicide. But Jun-oh can?t shake his suspicions that the incident was actually a murder. Believing that insurance, which should protect lives, cannot be seen to promote murder, he withholds payment. There is evidence of other serial murders, and a secret lying inside company records in storage. Where is the truth? And what is the true nature of the Black House? Hwang Jeong-min – Jeon Jun-oh Yu Seon – Shin Yi-hwa Gang Shin-il – Park Chung-bae Kim Seo-hyeong – Mi-na Based on Y?suke Kishi’s novel, Kuroi Ie (The Black House).

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