Big Bang

Big Bang, ??, Ssonda

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller.
Date: 2007
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: High-strung salaryman Park Man Su has spent his entire life living strictly by the rules, just like his father taught him. He never jaywalks, never speeds, never wakes up late, and in return, he receives only disdain for being too rigid and boring. When Man Su loses both his job and his marriage in a moment’s time, he abandons his rules and ends up getting arrested for urinating in the street. At the police station, he meets free-wheeling Cheul Gun who makes a career out of petty crime. Already well over the edge, Man Su flees with his new accomplice, stealing a police car and gun in the process. Things quickly escalate out of control for the two fugitives as they embark on a wild crime spree with the police in hot pursuit. Gam Woo Sung – Man-su Kim Su Ro – Cheul Gun

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